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Payroll + Time Tracking 

Flexible payroll services for complex resource tracking and workforce management. Get peace of mind that your employee, time, and payroll data are optimized to meet your specific needs.


Journyx time clock data flows directly into Greenshades payroll


Employees and their managers can seamlessly track time, manage schedules, and monitor PTO and accruals using Journyx, while simultaneously feeding relevant time details directly into your Greenshades payroll system. This cohesive integration ensures a unified experience, streamlining processes for HR and finance teams without adding complexity to your technology stack.


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Simple, Flexible Time Entry
Access versatile solutions that allow you to customize time entry methods according to your employees' preferences. Choose from state-of-the-art biometric time clocks, mobile apps, or web-based access.
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Real-Time Data & Reports
Get real-time dashboards and customizable reporting for instant decision-making. Seamlessly integrate with other business applications like Excel, Power BI, or Tableau for enhanced capabilities.
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All-in-One Solution
Why settle for a generic solution? Combining Journyx time and attendance with Greenshades' payroll and HR offers a fully integrated, flexible experience to meet your business needs.
Powerful tools to ensure accurate payroll
Your time is important.  That's why Greenshades and Journyx have collaborated to offer a solution that efficiently captures, tracks, reports, and seamlessly integrates data into your payroll system. With the Greenshades + Journyx integration, processing complex workforce pay runs becomes effortless.
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Time Tracking & Reporting

Using native Journyx project and job data, Greenshades can break down labor expenses into specific details like location, project, and client. This enables precise tracking of labor costs, analyzing expenses, and comprehensive reports. 

Integrates with General Ledger
Eliminate manual calculations
Manage risks

Payroll and HR Management

One of the immediate benefits you can expect from this partnership is the seamless integration of Greenshades' expertise with the Journyx Payroll Rules Engine. This integration enables smooth exports of payroll files, containing all your company's timesheet data.

Significant time savings
Reduced errors
Improved overall efficiency
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"This software is much less expensive than any other product I have reviewed. For the price, it is easy to use and I like that the information entered in the Greenshades software carries over to our payroll system entry for entry instead of a general "dump" of information on the accounting side."

Ruth R.
Higher Education, 201-500 employees

Get the Greenshades with Journyx solution to optimize your time clock and payroll